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Objectives of Induction Training

Build confidence about self and the organization with in the new employee is one of the major objectives of the induction. This will makes the employee who recruited recently is become a productive one by reducing his/her anxiety that impedes ability to learn to do the job.

Create the feeling of belongings and loyalty with in the new employee is another objective of the induction.

Usually a new employee of the organization has little fear about his/her strengths at the beginning, because of the difference of the work culture and the environment. And if he/she signed a long appointment letter which was has all the rules and regulations then he/she might have some of frighten. That fear and the shy of new employee could change by a good induction program. Then he/she may feel that place like his/her home and will adapt to the organization in a short period.
Familiarize the new employee with the jobs and the job environment with in a short time is another objective of the induction. If the new employee takes much more time to understand and adapt to organizational culture and environment, the organization will not have effective outcome from the new employee at the beginning as they expecting. To achieve the expecting level of the outcome, organization also need to support new employee form some kind of contributions. Induction programs and proper training and development programs could consider as that kind of contributions. When employee starts to think the organization as his own and he/she has a responsible to take care and contribution to development of the organization- that is the beginning of the feel of belongingness and loyalty. Loyal employee will give the maximum contribution of his/her to the profit/achievements of the organization.
Generate favorable attitudes with in the new employee about peers, superiors, subordinates and the organization in general is another objective. Attitude is the basic thing that can be change the behavior of a person. If the person developed with good attitudes, he/she will be a valuable person to the organization, and persons like that are thinking about the organization work with same as owners. As an example, if one person feels switch off the light, when it is not needed (mean under the day light) he is a person who contributing to the organization to reduce its power expenses. Assume the daily expenditure for the particular bulb, which he was switched off is 1$ per day. Then he will save 5$ s per week (assuming 5 working days) and save around 20$ per month and 240$ per year. If the organization is large and if it has 100 employees same as the above one, then the entire group will save 24,000$ per year, and it is same as a price of a car. That’s why the attitude is important to an employee. This favorable attitude will is a great valuable thing of an employee. This attitude will help to make a good team spirit to the organization. Assume, if the organization needs to shutdown because of some problems with investment, there may be have some employees who are like to work voluntary to standup the organization. Attitude, belongingness and the loyalty is not individual factors at the organization. They all are interconnecting with each other. That could earn by organization form employees by facilitate them when they need that. A new employee may need much more caring and instructions at the first month he/she start employing, assuming that is a fresh employee, who not have previous experience. Fresh employees are easy to convert as employees mentioned in above, because they know how they have started, and what the achievements that they have achieved are. Induction is giving a chance to move all employees among themselves at the beginning they have joined to the organization.
Assist the new employee to contribute to organizational success more quickly is another objective of the induction programs. New employee may not know the organizational objectives and the annual targets. At the induction program, an employee will get know about the things mentioned in above. This will helps to change the private agendas of some employees to organizational agendas. Trying to achieve personal agendas at the working place is a bad practice of some employees. Ineffective induction programs are giving the opportunity to the employee to practice his/her personal agenda at the work place. So then how could organization having the effective outcome from that particular person? It should change. The changing point is “induction program”. New employee will understand the social responsibility of his/her to the organization. Then it will be helps to have effective and efficient works for the both parties of employee and employer.


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