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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Instant Access?

A: Instant Access is a mobile application that provides you with the necessary permission or authorization to  gain access to companies, private individuals and many other  types of establishments. Think of it as your mobile passport.

Q: Why should I use the Instant Access Mobile Passport?

A: It is a very convenient and much more efficient way for you to effortlessly gain access to businesses or individuals where you would require to provide some form of identification. it saves you time at access points. You would not need to sign books or be subject to time consuming procedures. In a nutshell it will be the most efficient tool for you to use to gain access to any business, office park, gated community, etc that has implemented Instant Access.

Q: I see that you require my ID number? Why?

A: Most organistations and gated communities require positive identification or some form of permit before you are allowed access. This have become a standard request and has been implemented for security purposes.

Q: Who can see my information and what information can they see?

A: No one can see your private information, unless you request permission for access to an organisation or individual. They are able to see the following information….

Your Name, Surname, Email Address, Phone Number, Employer.

Q: If no-one can see my ID number, why do I need to supply it.

A: In the event of a special investigation, only authorised staff managing the Access Control will have access to this information for investigative purposes only.

Q: How do I use the Instant Access Passport?

A: Please view the full Usage Guide here

Q: How do I get the Instant Access Passport App?

A: You can download it here.

Q: What happens if I don’t have the App but still need to gain access to a company.

A: You would still be able to gain access to that company, institution or individual through the old manual process. Just remember, it will be time consuming  and not as efficient as with the Instant Access Passport.



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